Business Services

Global Concept Invest assist your business in Nigeria such as :

• Company registration.
• Lawyers’ assistance.
• Facilitating shareholders / certificates.
• Tax registration.
• Physical address in Lagos.
• Hosting office + address in Lagos Nigeria , partnership provision
• Local government registration and administration.
• Miscellaneous.
• Visa.
• Partnership provision, PPP, Joint ventures and others.

We handle for basic consulting services conservative values for the consulting market. This initial rate can be adjusted as the projects progress.

Be free to contact us for further information and pricing. 

Renewable Energy

GCI has partnerships with electrical power providers, which enables us to have a full functional position in the market in Europe and in Africa.

In fact the smooth functioning of electricity market depends on some of the following,

• Transmission systems operators
• Distribution system operators
• Generating facility and installed capacity
• Wind power generation
• Solar – pv generation
• High/low Voltage equipment and Investment Projects in power Grid
( contracting works, engineering companies and turnkey projects.)

Electricity generators are the first players in the chain, generating power either in ‘traditional’ ways (e.g. in nuclear power stations, combined-cycle gasturbine facilities or combined heat and power plants) or in units using renewable energy sources (like wind or solar farms and thermal or hydroelectricpower stations).

Current ‘created’ by these generators is then injected into the (high-voltage) transmission system or directly into (medium or low-voltage)distribution systems before being delivered to the end user (industry, institutions, SMEs, residential customers, and so on).

Port Decongestion

The Andrew J. Young Foundation (AJYF), established in Atlanta, Georgia (USA), by the well known Ambassador Andrew J. Young, recently, decided to establish a special company, Mobile Harbor Development USA LLC, with the objective to globally, at identified seaport locations, promote and negotiate with port authorities and relevant parties the construction and sale of the KAIST Mobile Harbor.

The KAIST Mobile Harbor has as its core technologies an Automatic Docking Systems and, Stabilized Crane, known for having the following control systems: swing free control, multi-stage trolley, heave control system, spreader alignment control, smart vision system, location aware sensor, and spreader tilting control.

These technologies are aimed at facilitating offshore docking of container ships and loading and unloading of containers at sea, especially at world ports confronting congestions or other infrastructural deficiencies such as shallow waters.

These activities are to be carried out in close cooperation with KAIST and suppliers of their Mobile Harbor technologies. Global Concept Invest works herby in close cooperation with Mobile Harbor Europe Consultancy B.V. and Mobile Harbor Development USA LLC.

Our focus

• Parks and leisure development
• Scenario and Concept Development
• Urban Planning
• 3D-imaging
• Landscaping
• Water Management
• Transport
• Utilities
• Environment
• Risk Analysis